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Defamation is one of the most specialised, complex and demanding area of the law in the western world with most lawyers having only a very basic understanding of how to make or defend a claim. It really does call for expert legal advice.

Slade Waterhouse Lawyers have the expertise and the experience to provide quality legal advice, assistance and representation in defamation claims.  We also work closely with barristers who we know specialise in defamation and are at the top of their field, giving you confidence that you have the best available representation. 

Our Brisbane based lawyers have represented plaintiffs and defendants in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne courts. 

If you need expert legal advice, assistance or representation for matters related to Defamation, then you need Slade Waterhouse Lawyers. Call (07) 3839 9834 and find out how our experienced legal team can help you today.

If you are just at the stage of looking for reliable information about defamation, including some of the more common defences, then visit www.defamationbarrister.com.au.